понеделник, 29 декември 2008 г.

romatic look

I found this shoes in net-a-porter.com and they look exactly like my new flats from London!!! But mine were mych more cheaper..
Soooo as I dont have much work today in the office I made this look at polyvore.com and Im in lovin` it!!:))

събота, 27 декември 2008 г.


Frisky said that this is her chanel-christmas and I spend a little time browsing for chanel items over the internet.Here is what I really reallly like and would buy for myself:

london shopping results

Here are some of the things I bought in London:

Im really happy with the results!! I miss London shops,where u can really find everything you are looking for..

петък, 26 декември 2008 г.

red,red christmas

Going out after the Christmas dinner turned in to a tradition last few years..
Perfect time to show my new red pumps and little black dress from London:)))
It was great night in the new Pasha club in Plovdiv:)

четвъртък, 25 декември 2008 г.

Merry Christmas everybody!

This is a Rudolff illustration I made for Signcafe magazine...Im posting it now here as a kind of christmas card and I want to wish u all a very merry christmas!!!Lots of love and joy in the hearths!!

back from London

hey-hey ho-ho!!! Im back from London with my super heavy suitcase- 25kg:)))
Lots of presents for my friends and family and new stuff for meeeeeeee!:)
I had a great time in London..the best christmas ever!!

gypsy dress

new gypsy/hippy dress,perfect for spring:)))

четвъртък, 18 декември 2008 г.

london calling

ta-daaaaaaaam!:)) here are my new suede boots and coat..I love themmm!:))

вторник, 16 декември 2008 г.

last month I orderd 2 pairs of adidas shoes from the US and just before I came to London they arrived..Sooo now I present u my super cute:

Im cruisin` arroun London with them:))

неделя, 14 декември 2008 г.

London Christmas Trip

Hellloooo! and greetings from London town..here its justt fabolous...I love itt...not my first time here butt with all that christmas decoration and everythingggg its just amazing!!! So many things to do,so many places to go..and so many shops..heh I`ll keep u updated!

четвъртък, 11 декември 2008 г.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2009

сряда, 10 декември 2008 г.

gossip girl

I`ve just watched "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?"..it was so interesting,and sad..and now I saw the promo of the next episode and I really cant wait to seee it..what is gonna happen with Chuck...is he really falling??

понеделник, 8 декември 2008 г.

red boots

I know I said no shopping before London buuuuttt...(blush)
This are my new red boots-really comfy and soft:))

сряда, 3 декември 2008 г.


ho-ho-hooo my christmas decoration is readyyy!!:)))

вторник, 2 декември 2008 г.

so u think u can dance

this girl is amazing..and the choreography is soo beautifullllll...


its official-Im going to London next weekend!!!! I`ll stay until 24th and Im soo soo sooo happy..I`ll go to a musical andddd Ill shop from the Christmas sales..no work,no worries,just christmas spirit all arround:)))

Lookbook - H&M Spring 2009

HM home

H&M will be launching a home collection on February 2009.
Per the press release, the range will be exclusively available online and through a directional mail order catalogue, this is H&M’s first foray into the interiors arena and will offer shoppers the opportunity to stylishly transform every room of the home. The first collection will be available from February 2009 in the markets where distance selling is already established: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.
There will be four different lines in the collection; Design, Nature, Youthful and classic.

понеделник, 1 декември 2008 г.

red and blue


last week my friends from HARSH magazine opened their first multi brand store KREEM

the store

jeans:miss sixty

me and milena

magazine Edno party

Friday night we went to a big kind of secret party `magazine Edno and friends`.. we had a lot of fun:))) more pics coming soon