вторник, 25 ноември 2008 г.

winter is here:)

here is my black/dark gray outfit for the first snow day..
leopard scarf:terranova

петък, 21 ноември 2008 г.

first one for work,second one for a night out..

сряда, 19 ноември 2008 г.

whiteroom t-shirts design

something new for the whiteroom guys:) few more my designs coming soon on hoodies and t-shirts

понеделник, 17 ноември 2008 г.

river island

some River Island stuff on sale that I would buy..

..and one really good party look that I want:


here are some accessories Id love to have

четвъртък, 13 ноември 2008 г.


I loveeeeeeee this zara trf outfits...I wannt!!!!!!!!!

понеделник, 10 ноември 2008 г.

United Nude

Hadid isn't the first architect to venture into fashion.
She started the shoe brand United Nude with architect Rem D Koolhaas. Their objective was to create a shoe collection which expressed the intersection of design and fashion; to create footwear that explored both aesthetics and innovation. Mission accomplished.

събота, 8 ноември 2008 г.

backstage photoshoot

okay one more great thing about the admall is that I was helping backstage for the Stefano Oppo photoshoot!!! And it wass so great seeing things from the inside and comunicate with such a famous photographer..andd I met his wife wich is a stylist for VERSACE KIDS and KILLERLOOP..really nice

where I`ve been lately..

hmm sooo here are some toughts on shopping..:))) I`ve been really busy this days with the AD MALL (www.admall.bg)..it was great experience..greet time..Ive met so many ppl,anddd the lectors were totally amazing..positive,creative,open minded..every day was like:intresting lectures,work shops(from 9 in the morning until 19-19,30) thenn big parties..nice nice..
the first day my agency through a party...the theme was LAS VEGAS..for the ppl from Bulgaria u should be able to check it on some tv lifestyle shows this week..anddd here is a little article and video clip from the event...Ill post pics soon too:)))

p.s on the video u can see meee..Im the girl on the back..on the door...with the big `gold` fake sunglasses and the fur..meeting ppl on the door giving them party sunglasses like mine:)))

събота, 1 ноември 2008 г.

helloween 2008

my helloween outfit:) it was sooo muchh fun!:))