събота, 8 ноември 2008 г.

where I`ve been lately..

hmm sooo here are some toughts on shopping..:))) I`ve been really busy this days with the AD MALL (www.admall.bg)..it was great experience..greet time..Ive met so many ppl,anddd the lectors were totally amazing..positive,creative,open minded..every day was like:intresting lectures,work shops(from 9 in the morning until 19-19,30) thenn big parties..nice nice..
the first day my agency through a party...the theme was LAS VEGAS..for the ppl from Bulgaria u should be able to check it on some tv lifestyle shows this week..anddd here is a little article and video clip from the event...Ill post pics soon too:)))

p.s on the video u can see meee..Im the girl on the back..on the door...with the big `gold` fake sunglasses and the fur..meeting ppl on the door giving them party sunglasses like mine:)))

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