сряда, 24 април 2013 г.

Walking on sunshine season

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 photo rapitsa_3.jpg
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 photo rapitsa_6.jpg
 photo rapitsa_7.jpg
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 photo rapitsa_8.jpg
Ехааа, най-после слънце и къси ръкави! Жълто, синьо и слънчево!
Top: Pull and Bear
Jeans shirt: Stradivarius
Pants: HM
Shoes: Converse
Sun glasses: HM

понеделник, 15 април 2013 г.

The little red riding hood

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 photo 8.jpg
 photo 6-1.jpg

Another haunted april's afternoon in Sofia. Wondering when the rain will finally leave us. Enough already! My sandals and dresses are plotting a revolution. They'll rise! I'm telling you they will...
Zory Mory's blog now has it's own facebook page. Follow me here

floral dress: PULL&BEAR
shoes: BERSHKA
cardigan: NEW YORKER
ring: FOREVER21

сряда, 10 април 2013 г.

Trying to blend in

 photo camo_5.jpg
 photo camo_1.jpg
 photo camo_2.jpg
 photo camo_4.jpg
top: HM
pants: ZARA
blazer: FOREVER21

сряда, 3 април 2013 г.

Can't rain forever

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 photo 03x04x3.jpg
 photo 03x04x4.jpg

Hey guys!
I've been away for couple of months now. Life was crazy and unpredictable so I had to prioritize. Made a lot of choices, coped with changes, worked my butt off and waited patiently for the storm to pass. Can't rain forever right?
With spring around the corner I knew it's time for me to come back and fill you in with all the details. I went back to San Francsico, ate New York, celebrated my birthday in Thessaloniki and returned as always in Sofia...but not for long...summer 2013 will be epic, I promise! Stay tuned for more:

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