сряда, 28 ноември 2007 г.

ashley olsen for marie claire

I love this photosession for Marie Claire..really nice pictures:)

devil wears prada

the car for me

I think this is the perfect car for me:)))

неделя, 25 ноември 2007 г.

петък, 23 ноември 2007 г.

really nice styles

well I love this site -polyvore.com ..u can mix and match clothes...I choose some combinations I like..mostly are 80 style ..hot,hot,hot


четвъртък, 22 ноември 2007 г.

todays outfit


no time to go to Plovdiv and get my hair done lately...this is what I did this morning:)

my desk

this is my `to do` board on my work desk:)))

сряда, 21 ноември 2007 г.


ohhh I love lookin` for shoes at ebay..soo manyyyy manyy manyyy..and they are so many great deals..


its the party season..Linka start talking about party dresses,soooo here is one that I havent wear yet

outfit of the day

понеделник, 19 ноември 2007 г.

todays outfit

четвъртък, 15 ноември 2007 г.


well I needed belts..and I bought few..

сряда, 14 ноември 2007 г.


lately I draw a lot...the new header of the site is kind of my self portrait:)))

понеделник, 12 ноември 2007 г.

for a sunny day walk and/or going out for a drink

my fav. shoes

shirt: terranova
jeans: Miss Sixty
shoes: ASOS
Accessories: Bershka
I love this shoes,I dont wear them often but they are soo fresh

THE chair

man style

something about me

I really like this scarf ,its retro but I love it one good book

the last thing I bought for my house ( IKEA )

last thing I bought for me ( womans secret)

one of my fav. things

my home sweet home

First Post Ever!

Soooooo Immmm a blogger now!!!