събота, 30 август 2008 г.

red skinny jeans

what do you think about funky colored jeans..esp. red?

петък, 29 август 2008 г.

colours gone crazy


Gossip girl here..seems like Chuck is having a new friend..What u say about that B.?

XoXo Gossip Girl

3 days to go

четвъртък, 28 август 2008 г.

I want

this goes in my `wish list` if someone is looking to buy me present..:)) heh

HM online mag

go and check it on www.hm.com :)

вторник, 26 август 2008 г.

ralph lauren

понеделник, 25 август 2008 г.

my new favourite fabulous hairstyle

my hair stylist made my hair sooo soo awesome today!! Im inlove!:))
Ill use this hair do again and again for different occasions!


събота, 23 август 2008 г.

flash back

Back in March 2008 (London)

четвъртък, 21 август 2008 г.

so you think you can dance

amazing and beautiful


summer in the city

fall in the city

gossip girl

вторник, 19 август 2008 г.

gossip girl

Did u knew that Blair’s mother’s fashion line, Waldorf Designs, is in fact a real collection called Lorick.

Designer Abigail Lorick says: “After the episode with the backless dresses we had 20 girls a day calling wanting that dress. I couldn’t believe that everyone was so influenced by it. They didn’t even want to try it on — they just wanted it!”


skirt: Fornarina
t-shirt: terranova

неделя, 17 август 2008 г.


me,dressed head-to-toe like the french flag:)) I know `La marseillaise` sooo If I have to act like a french patriot Im ready:))

totally summer

събота, 16 август 2008 г.


we are the champions

Im in biiiiiiiiig depression...everyone is having vacation...and what about me??? Im stuck in Sofia:((( sooo me and my friend Niki went shopping today..bought a lot of things and act really stupid just to go out of this empty feeling of not being on the sea side...

петък, 15 август 2008 г.

I want

hm I want a bag like this- with a chain...maybe not blue...


Za da se razseq ot jegata si mislq za esenta...Razglejdam botushki i eto nqkoi modeli koito haresah:))
Kakvo mislite?

What do you think about these boots?:)

сряда, 13 август 2008 г.

oxford t-strap heels

new shoes:)))

вторник, 12 август 2008 г.

a place to call home

United Colors of Benetton

male fashion...I like!

Killah fall winter 2008/09

Im a big KILLAH fan! here are some nice things from the fall/winter catalogue:)

понеделник, 11 август 2008 г.


I bought some socks today..cant wait for the right weather:)))

for a walk

петък, 8 август 2008 г.


A new CW series Stylista
11 aspiring fashion enthusiasts competing for a job at Elle magazine
The winner will get a paid editorial position at Elle, a paid lease on a Manhattan apartment and a clothing allowance at H&M valued at $100,000 for one year.
Can’t wait to see the show!


On the eve of the games in Beijing, Lucy Liu demonstrates that it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you’re dressed that counts.

source: harpersbazaar

четвъртък, 7 август 2008 г.


“IKEA. Spend less. Live more.”

This campaign was created to promote IKEA’s refresh and redecorate range, which helps people achieve the look they want for their home with simple, quick, affordable changes. Change is good..