вторник, 7 декември 2010 г.

India and some interesting observations

Being here for second time didn`t really helped me to adapt faster. First days are always a big cultural shock:) All the time wile I breathe i can feel the air in my throat.The light is very smooth,as the sun is always behind this dusty clouds (speaking of Delhi)

Indians do not perceive looking or even staring at you as rude behavior.
The best way to getting use to it is to think you are a well known model,walking on the ramp:)They will also come to take pictures with you, or even try to make some paparazzi shots of you having luch or shopping.

You will notice the headshake. Making up-and-down nodding motion with yor head means `yes` in most cultures.Headshake from left to right most offen means `no`.
Indians however have another unique gesture, namely shaking their heads in a semi-circular motion.And this can mean anything- yes,no,maybe,understood..or `i could not care less`

Indians, like people elsewhere in Asia are unlikely to say `no`. They consider it harsh. The result is that you will even hear a lie, rather than `no`. In order to prevent from getting hopelessly lost in a rickshaw it helps to ask more than one person for directions.
person one:
`Is the market on the left`

person two:
`is the market on the right`

person three:
`where is the market`

So its better to ask open questions..cuz `Is the Temple that way` will almost everytime get an `yes` answer.

Very interesting fact..the word for tomorrow and yestarday are the same `kal`.
This indicates that notion of time-keeping in India is very loose campared to the western world.
A popular used term is : Indian strechable time.
Sooo be patient - ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)