вторник, 24 ноември 2009 г.


Friends,I dont have words to describe the place Ive visited today,its this one but live is so much better..they dont allow cameras,mobile phones in the area:((( :

I cant believe they build it in 5 years only..and this is a new place from 2005,its liek showing the world what they can do..Its beyond..And they have:Hall of Values features life-like robotics and dioramas which display incidents from Swaminarayan's life, portraying his message about the importance of peace, harmony, humility, service to others and devotion to God,theatre,boat ride-this ride takes visitors on a journey through 10,000 years of Indian history in approximately 12 minutes. Visitors sit in specially designed peacock shaped boats that make their way around an artificial river, passing through a model of Takshashila, the world's first university, chemistry laboratories, ancient hospitals, and bazaars, finally ending with a message expressing hope for the future of India andddd also Musical fountain show..
Im speechless..really...

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