вторник, 15 септември 2009 г.


I tried to make myself an autoportrait:)) This is me this days-working late at home..I think I haven`t tell you yet but I`m no longer working full time in the office..I`ll take some time for myself,work on some freelance projects..anndddd October 25 is the day I`m waiting for...you wonder why..? `Cuz I`m going to one really really exciting adventure..I`m going for 2 months trip of a lifetime..u want to know where???
Here is the answer:

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Zori *Gossip Style Vintage* каза...

haresva mi avtoportreta, strahotna pochivka shte si napravsih

Linka каза...

wow. Wow! WOW!!! jestoko, ima li nujda ot
comments ;-)))