вторник, 16 септември 2008 г.

Gossip Girl Style

The stylist behind all the fabulous looks of one of Gossip Girl, Eric Daman has put together a fall 2008 style guide for RevolveClothing.com .
I love the first set and the tennis set most!! Which is your favorite?

4 коментара:

Cindy каза...

i love the tennis one too, plus the one with the headphones and tall boots. what a fantastic style the show has.

Zori каза...

v ndeleq vecherta si gi izteglih, ako znaesh samo kolko pyti sym gi gledala. Super mn me kefi stila na Gossip Girl...ne moga da precenq koi look e nai

Dana (pron. like Donna) каза...

as a look I love the one w/ the gray boots
but I love individual pieces like the gray cardi, the pearls, the houndstooth leggings and the trapeze dress

Nemerae каза...

Thanks for your comment :)
Wow, the last outfit is really chic!! and I also like the first an the third ones, very cool haha